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Specialised light industrial and heavy industrial coatings and customised paint systems

ABI Coating Specialists Pty Ltd

ABI Coating Specialists offers a wide range of abrasive blasting and applied specialised light and heavy industrial paint coatings and customised paint systems for most types of industry. These include heavy automotive, agriculture and light industrial, bulk tanks and tankers, commercial and industrial engineered steel and Defence force sectors.

ABI Coating specialists has an ISO9001 Certified Quality Assurance system. We are controlled by highly experienced business managers and senior operational staff each with decades of experience.

We can adapt from refurbishment work to full production line operations seamlessly. Therefore, making us an excellent option for manufacturers who have either full year by year production targets or smaller contracts.

Our Services

Water Blasting

Water blaster

ABI Coating Specialists utilise high pressure industrial water blasters and specialists detergents for removal of waxes, grease and grime for pre-primed new equipment and existing equipment being prepared for refurbishment prior to over-coating.

Dustless Wet Abrasive Blasting

Wet Abrasive Blasting

For more delicate materials and equipment we employ dustless wet abrasive blasting. This is also very useful when operating in sensitive environments where dust must be avoided.

Mechanical Preparation

mechanical preparation

Where Abrasive Blasting may not be practical we utilise a wide variety of mechanical preparation techniques to ensure the substrate is clean and has the appropriate profile to receive quality paint coatings.



In addition to quality protective coatings ABI Coating Specialists also provides heavy transport signage and rebranding with corporate colours and logos. 

Dry Abrasive Blasting

Dry Abrasive Blasting

ABI Coating Specialists utilises Dry Abrasive Blasting with various grades of garnet to prepare most newly manufactured and refurbished equipment prior to coating. This provides a clean substrate with the appropriate profile for coatings to adhere to.

Multimedia Abrasive Blasting Systems

Multimedia Abrasive Blasting Systems

For very fragile materials and equipment or specialised equipment such as turbines or pump impellers we can select from a wide variety of blasting media to obtain the ideal substrate profile whilst avoiding equipment damage.

Multimedia Abrasive Blasting Systems

Full Painting Services

ABI Coating Specialists provide full painting services for a wide variety of equipment over a broad range of industries – See Our expertise for further details.

Customer site Paint Facility Management

Bus painting

We leverage our expertise in efficient and effective management of industrial coatings operations to assist our Manufacturing Clients to manage in-house painting facilities.