Quality Policy

ABI Coating Specialists Pty Ltd strives to be the leading Industrial Painters & Blasters in South East Queensland. Our objective is to provide high quality and cost effective products for our clients. All work is to be produced in an effective and timely manner to meet our client’s expectations.

ABI Coating Specialists Pty Ltd follows the policies and objectives being;

  • To meet the needs of our customers no matter how diverse.
  • To provide service at all levels.
  • To continually improve our systems and quality.
  • To comply with State and Federal requirements where they intersect with our business.
  • To provide a structured business model for our clients to rely on.
  • To provide consistent workmanship at the highest level while meeting the financial and practical needs of our clients.
  • To provide full compliance with applicable international and national standards including ISO 9001 certification.
  • Regularly review and improve our objectives including the Health & Safety of our Staff & Family welfare.