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ABI Coating Specialists Pty Ltd

ABI Coating Specialists offers a wide range of abrasive blasting and applied specialised light and heavy industrial paint coatings and customised paint systems for most types of industry. These include heavy automotiveagricultural and light industrialbulk tanks and tankerscommercial and industrial engineered steel and Defence force sectors.
Specific services include:

Water Blasting

ABI Coating Specialist use high pressure industrial water blasters and specialists detergents for removal of waxes, grease and grime for pre-primed new equipment and existing equipment being prepared for refurbishment prior to over-coating.
Currently we do not offer mobile water blasting services as our equipment is dedicated to our workshop operations.

Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Coatings workshop
Dry Abrasive Blasting

ABI Coating Specialist have a dedicated 18x8x6m (LWH) fully equipped Dry Blasting shed attached to workshop 1, with dual blast nozzles providing ample capacity to prepare plant and equipment prior to application of specialised coatings in our 10 large spray painting areas.

Abrasive Blast SuitAbrasive Blasting Shed

wet abrasive blasting
Dustless Wet Abrasive Blasting

ABI Coating Specialist have a dedicated 14x7x5m (LWH) fully equipped Wet Abrasive Blasting shed for more sensitive materials and equipment. Wet Abrasive Blasting provides excellent cleaning and substrate preparation for painting but is less erosive than dry blasting and generates negligible dust. This is particularly useful for sensitive environments where all debris needs to be contained - including mobile operations and outdoor abrasive blasting of very large items that cannot fit inside a blast shed.

Multimedia Abrasive Blasting Systems
Multimedia Abrasive Blasting Systems

ABI Coating Specialist have multiple Abrasive Blasting systems and can choose from a wide range of blasting media. This ranges from soda blasting (a favorable way to safely clean and restore the surface of delicate plant and equipment such as sheet metal, turbine, impellers, etc) to shot blasting to remove heavy scale. Whatever the application we have the best techniques and blast media to meet the need.

Bus Painting
Mechanical Preparation

Where Abrasive Blasting may not be practical ABI Coating Specialist use a wide variety of mechanical preparation techniques to ensure the substrate is clean and has the appropriate profile to receive quality paint coatings. Mechanical preparation may also be used between coats of paint to ensure the perfect finish.

Bus painting
Full Painting Services

ABI Coating Specialist provides vehicle signage for newly manufactured and refurbished heavy transport and road tankers including rebranding with corporate colours and logos. We can provide painted signage or digitally printed vehicle wrapping to enhance the image of our clients vehicles and operate as mobile billboards for our clients business.

Bus Painting
Customer site Paint Facility Management

Many of our manufacturing clients struggle to run successful in house painting operations to complement their core business. ABI Coating Specialists leverage our considerable experience and expertise in efficient and effective industrial coatings operations to partner with our Clients to manage in-house painting facilities including provisions of skilled labour, supervision, systems and procedures - See Projects for examples.